Split Airconditioners

Ceiling Cassettes

The most popular choice today for home air-conditioning, these have separate indoor and outdoor units, requiring only a small hole for installation, and are very quiet in operation.

Mounted in the ceiling, these are often used in commercial applications as well as in upmarket homes. Like Splits, they have separate outdoor units and are extremely quiet.

Split Airconditioning Ceiling Cassetes

Window Wall Units

Under ceiling/ Floor Standing Airconditioners

Basic entry-level units, these are available in heating and cooling as well as cooling only. As they require a large opening to be made in a wall or window, they are best suited for applications where provision for them is made at building design stage.

Ideal for large open-plan areas especially retail or commercial environments. Eco-friendly R410A gas Heating/cooling Indoor airflow up to 5100 m3/h

Wall Units Ceiling Airconditioning

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