About Us

Ocavo Technical Services was found on the principles of family values. We take pride in providing honest and genuine care for all of your air conditioning installation and repair needs in Zimbabwe.

We know that when you need an air conditioner repair, it is not only quick service that you need but premium service that can be counted on no matter what.

At Ocavo Technical Services, we want you to be the best assured that staying cool in summer and warm in winter is our job and we pride ourselves in the integrity of our work.

Since 2007, we have provided the customers around Zimbabwe with top-notch air conditioner installation and repair all general HVAC services, air duct cleaning, and air duct replacement.

No matter how big the job, whether a commercial AC installation or a residential AC installation, our team of experience professionals has you covered!


To be the leading supplier of heating, air conditioning, ventilation, refrigeration and related products by 2020.


As a company we seek everlasting relationships with our customers. We look for opportunities which allows us to bring our strength to resolve interesting and difficult problems thereby assisting our clients to meet their technological and infrastructural objectives.  These opportunities allows us to grow both as individuals and as a company.


In doing this we are guided by these core values:

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